What Students can get in The Body Language Advantage 

I never heard about a body language advantage here in cebu a couple of years ago, when I heard from a friend of mine that the Cebu Teambuilding Facilitators Network are having an event here in Cebu and brings with them Justin Pinon also known as the mental assassin I got curios what event is this all about. When I got to watch a video about the event it gave me an idea to invite students like me to come and watch the event this coming November 26, 2016 and this coming Saturday. It’s a whole day event to learn what can a student get during and after the event down below is are a few skills any experts in body language certainly possess: 
Negative body language refer to any kind of gestures that communicate disapproval to what you are trying to communicate. 
Here’s one situation where this happens with a coffee salesman:
“Hey Miss, are you interested to buy this special brand of coffee? It can benefit you in many many ways!”
“Oh that sounds interesting”, the lady says with a polite smile. But her body slowly turns away, as she slowly folds her arms.
This is a basic example of how negative communication is conveyed through the body, and if salesman does not respond accordingly, he will certainly lose the lady as a customer. In fact, there is a large number of negative gestures to look for when trying to persuade people. 

Another essential part of persuasion involves ‘building rapport’. When one builds rapport, the person is creating the necessary connection for a trusting relationship to take place. No one will want to believe or buy anything from a person he/she barely knows. Consequently, the mark of a great communicator lies in how easily that person can build a connection with another.

A few people shrug this skill as the stuff of TV series and novels. However, spotting lies can be quite possible with the right knowledge and experience. The first known person to study emotions and microfacial expressions was Paul Eckman. He proposes that for every emotion we feel, it would always manifest in some way in our faces and bodies. 
The truth is, human beings are generally emotional creatures, and what we feel frequently shows in our body gestures. 

This is one of the less known benefits of body language. However, communicating powerful body language can aid commanding respect from peers and authorities. Have you ever wanted to win respect from your boss? Try to become aware of the body gestures you are emanating. 
Of course, body language does not solely account for the respect your peers have for you, but it certainly wins you points.
We can all learn something new during this event, who knows what we can get as a student, when we do that things that make as have after the event. To all my friends and to students out there here me out because this is an opportunity of learning something new. Hope to see you guys there!

Schedule and tickets.
The students event will take place from 9:00AM – 12:00 NN, while the working professionals event will be from 1:00PM – 4PM. Both session will take place in Hyacinth Hall, JCenter Convention Hall, Mandaue City, Cebu.
Ticket prices are:
For Students:

Early Bird Rate: PhP 400 (Sold until 10 November 2016)

Regular/Walk-in Rate: PhP 500

Premium Ticket: PhP 600 (Front row seats, Opportunity to interact with resource person, workshop kits)

For Professionals:
Early Bird Rate: PhP 700 (Sold until 10 November 2016)

Regular/Walk-in Rate: PhP 800

Premium Ticket: PhP 950 (Front row seats, Opportunity to interact with resource person, workshop kits)

For inquiries and reservations, you may contact the numbers: 0942-292-2266 / 0917-662-8326 or email cebuteambuilding@gmail.com.

My top 6 Suicide Squad characters for Halloween parties 

Halloween is just around the corner and the Halloween parties are getting started. I have never went to Halloween parties yet in clubs, (huhuhu) but I got something for you guys that came out of my mind when I watched the movie suicide squad with friends. There are some characters with their creepy and scary shocking type of costumes we can use for this years Halloween. In my existence, I got to see teens that wore their favorite character in movies and series, if you think about it that suicide squad has a good idea to the up coming Halloween parties based on the movie are fitted to be worn in parties. The movie gives us a lot of choices for this years Halloween. Here is my top 6-suicide squad wanted costumes for Halloween parties that you can dress up and not look like a total freak when you’re trying to impress someone at the same time in the party. 
Version for the joker, there is something that the joker fits in my personal style with the dapper look of the new version can pull you to impress someone in the clubs and add some of that green hair and some accessories (blings) like rings can pull you in Halloween parties and you might be the best dressed.

 El Diablo yeah his role in the movie was some sort of kindda evil way but the looks and costume it was simple and you can look at it in your wardrobe just pull some of your bomber jacket and a plain white tanks and a black jogger with a sneakers and the last is the black make up in the eye part you can then look like Diablo in the movie, don’t be afraid to put it with a simple look like Diablo. 

Captain boomerang something that looks Diablo but added with the black coat to fit like a dapper and a casual look for and pair it with a black boots captain boomerang had no tattoo but he carry a boomerang with him.

And I almost forgot the girl characters in the movie for the ladies out there, in the movie there are only three ladies first is the hot harley quinn and also the scary and sexy enchantress and lastly the lady in mask Kanata 
Harley quinn the hot character with a baseball bat to carry if you want to look like harley quinn you only need that baseball shirt and mini short with red and blue color and a bat to carry don’t forget that color red and blue hair and pair it with a high top boots. 

Enchantress also the hot character enchantress is wearing some black bikini its up to the girls out there how to look like enchantress with out being opened if you know what I met about. 
And lastly Katana a Japanese character in the movie but has that amazing ability if you want to look like Katana you have that white crop top and skinny black jeans or a leggings pair it with a black high top boots and finish it with a black plain bomber jacket and a mask with a red circle at the top that looks like the Japan flag if I’m not miss taken. 

So that is my top 6 suicide squad characters for Halloween parties hope you guys like and don’t forget to comment it down below. Enjoy your Halloween. 

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Tributes for teachers | PLDT Gabay Guro TeacherFest 2016

PLDT Gabay Guro celebrates this year’s teacherfest at Mall of Asia Arena for their 9th Grand Gathering. Since its establishment in 2007, PLDT Gabay Guro (2G) has been able to grant over 1,100 scholarships in various state Colleges and Universities nationwide; train over 16,000 teachers, donate laptops and computers to school and foundation and build over 40 classrooms located in Cebu, Bohol, Leyte and also in Capiz.

The educational arm and flagship project of PLDT-Smart foundation, they are focusing on upholding the vocation of teachers. Its tagline “ building the nation, one teaher at a time” they highlights the valuable role of the teachers in leading their students to the future in life and shaping the next generation of nation builders. With the highly anticipated TeacherFest, (2G) culminated its 9th year of trainings, scholarships and livelihood programs for the teacher beneficiaries, right in time for teacher’s month. 

Pervious years, the 9th PLDT Gabay Guro TeacherFest honored the teachers’ hard work, dedication and impact on the society with a day filled with their favorites celebrities, world-class performances and exciting, life-changing prizes. The event was graced by no less than Vina Morales, Pops Fernandez, MJ Lastimosa, Sam Concepcion, Michael Pangilinan, Jona Viray, Gary and Gab Valenciano, Martin Nievera, Ogie Alcasid, Regine Velasquez, Lea Salonga, Pia Wurtzbach and more. On top of being star-studded, the celebration was glittered with amazing raffle prizes ranging from cash and trips to local and international destinations to 

the coveted Foton van and house-and-lot grand raffle from Perry’s group of companies. 
“Each year, we look forward to this event which is our way of rewarding teachers for their valuable presence in our lives, and their selfless work which is recognized and appreciated,” PLDT Gabay Guro Chairman Chaye Cabal-Revilla said. “With this year’s TeacherFest, we are honoring nine years of our commitment to helping teachers change lives.”
“By treating our teachers to world-class entertainment and surprises, we pay tribute to them and give them a break from their daily challenges in the biggest way possible,” PLDT VP and Home Marketing Director Gary Dujali added. “We look forward to giving them more wonderful, memorable days as well as our full support as they continue their mission of shaping our country’s future leaders.” 

This year’s event will not be complete with the help of the following partners: Perry’s Group of Companies, Foton, Intel, Devant, Honda and Suzuki for the motorcyles, PR Savings Bank and Manila teachers for the tricycles, Penshoppe, National Bookstore, Enchanted Kingdom, Splash, Tempra, Flanax, Bonamine, Vivalyte, Betadine, Gardenia, Bic, Art Attack, Microsoft, Smart, TNT, Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar, First United Travel Agency, myPhone, Star Mobile, PECCI, PWC, Red Cross, SGV, The Flower Collection, San Marino Corned Tuna, Philippine Star and 51 Talk. 

For more information and updates, visit gabayguro.com, like the PLDT Gabay Guro Facebook page and follow @PLDTGabayGuro on Twitter and Instagram.

Why Cherry is Better for College Students 

Ever heard about the partnership of the local mobile phone company Cherry Mobile and the giant Telco Company Globe that has launched a new innovation of network coverage service to the people? Well now you know. Cherry has been a part of the Philippines specifically in Visayas to share a mobile phones and gadgets to the people of this generation at very low price, to share their knowledge and skills and to enable to connect the people around the Philippines, cherry has something that we will need in the inner future and that is the biggest part of Cherry and Globe they launch their very own prepaid service called Cherry Prepaid through their partnership. The new generation can communicate and get connected to each other virtually side by side. Down below is the list of things Why Cherry is Better for College Students of this generation. 
First is the partnership of Cherry and Globe’s new prepaid service the Cherry Prepaid the college students of this generations will be needing this so they can contact their friends in times of school works like assignments and test coverage also the quizzes they forgot. But most of all not just for schoolwork, Cherry Prepaid here has a lot of affordable bundles so you can contact with your families and friends with no hassle if you’re out and you miss a single hug to them.

Second is Cherry’s very own mobile phones and gadgets, if you always forget to put some reminders on your planner, the Cherry Mobiles are easy handy to remind you with the things you wrote in the reminders and if your waiting for calls and messages to a friend there mobiles phones is really easy to bring with you everywhere and anywhere, and I almost forgot the gadgets they keep on upgrading us to help people on their lives in times on connecting to people and if they are traveling to other places in the Philippines.

And if you’re a Cebuano, there will be good news for you. Cherry Prepaid has something that only Cebuanos can use and if you speak in bisaya “ daghang bonuses ang naghuwat para sa mga taga cebu ug para sa inyo” so if your using Cherry Prepaid and is a Cebuano, go to the nearest Cherry Mobile kiosks and concept store and try the special offer that Cherry Prepaid have for Cebuanos like us.

The Cherry Mobile Company has been making the best phones and gadgets for you and that Cherry Mobile not only offers mobile phones and gadget but they also offer the new Cherry Prepaid to connect with your friends and families, your connections will no longer be hassle to your love ones it will be more connected by the new Cherry Prepaid and Cherry Mobile phones that offers a bundles for people to contact everywhere and anywhere. And to college students Cherry Prepaid is here to tell you that you will no longer be alone in times you forget that you have something to be pass for a deadline, you can now contact your friends and ask what was your assignment or projects to be passed. Hope you guys like it. Don’t forget to comment down below and share your thoughts about this blog. Thank you and enjoy! 

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A New Generation of Selfie with OPPO F1s

This years generation of teens have their own styles of photography with their self to upload on their social media account or take a video of them doing a tutorial so there’s this word selfie created. As a lifestyle blogger and a person of this generation the word selfie has changed everything and with a company brand OPPO they launched a new product that suits teens and adult in taking photos of their self the new OPPO F1s and the new quality innovation that takes a better front facing camera with a 16megapixel to have that perfect selfie shots and has a 1/3.1- inch sensor and a large f/2.0 aperture so your selfie expert will be more photographic looking and straight uploads on your social media. The OPPO F1s has change a lot to take a simple selfie to a photography look. Last October 4 I got invited to the OPPO F1s Media Gathering at movenpick hotel I had fun and learned about the new product of OPPO. They really do well in upgrading there product line and make the selfie expert more photography, before the event started I got to hand the phone and test the front camera, it really amazed me how the quality of mobile phone captured amazing photos using the front camera. I never knew that a phone can take a selfie with more quality that’s so great and the new features of the phone makes the selfie expert and the selfie photographer more amazing. The phone has a feature or fingerprint recognition that unlock the phone in 0.22 seconds and you can use your five fingers to unlock an app, the OPPO company has the element to do the selfie picture into the next level of this generation and the phone has the selfie expert more than what we can expect. F1s is the phone that the teen of this generation this day will really make their selfie more appealing and have the virtual look. The phone that makes your social media looks more photographic. Hope you guys like it and don’t forget to comment it down below. Enjoy!

For more updates visit them on http://www.oppo.com/ph/ and like them on facebook @OPPOPH 

The all new PLDT HOME Telpad and Smart Watch Offer

We all know that technology can ease our life in a lot of ways and in what we do. Technology also helps us feel comfortable and safe, in times wherein are mom’s gets concern about where, when, why and etc. The leading Philippine Telco and digital service provider PLDT, now offers a new life changer to our generation and most especially to our beloved parents who is always there to help us in times of needs. PLDT HOME offers Telpad and Smart Watch to keep us safe and sound when we go to places, with PLDT HOME and Two products which promotes peace of mind among with our working moms are the Fam Cam and Smart Watch. The Fam Cam is a home monitoring system which allows parents to check on their children remotely, and even communicate with their bambinos. Also, suitable to wear. Anywhere, and everywhere. And a personal favorite of Nate a multi-functional gadget, which kids can use to take photos, play music, and even record voice messages. And also have an anti-lost feature!PLDT Home aims to help family’s security and safety to their kids when they are away from home by the PLDT Home Telpad and Smart Watch your kids are safe in your hands and the strong connectivity with the support of technology this year. 
As the leader in digital innovations for the home, PLDT HOME designs its products and services to help parents like Regine effectively multi-task while ensuring the safety of their families.

For more details about the PLDT Home new upgrade, visit them at http://www.pldthome.com/telpad/smartwatch. 

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Tour De Cebu: 1000 kilometer rally 

I have seen vintage cars in televisions and exhibits, but I have never saw one in track on the road. Back when I was a kid, I really loved to have vintage Chevy Camaro that was featured in the movie transformers and that vintage Volkswagen van that is perfect for a long road trip with family and friends. It looks so cool driving those. So when I got invited to an event of vintage car rally here in Cebu, Long wait is over, finally. 
The event was the 3rd Tour de Cebu rally. 

A Rally of Vintage Cars. Let me take you back where Tour de Cebu started, Tour de Cebu is a rally of vintage cars that are owned by our fellow Filipinos, some International people and celebrities who wants to show off their vintage cars with a rally “perse” to rove streets. Tour de Cebu is organized by PACE (Performance And Classics Enthusiasts) and The Manila Sports Car Club (MSCC) also the Event Manager and Co-Organizer Tradeshow International, Inc. (TSI). And to have you an event overview, The “Tour de Cebu” is a three-day “Mille Miglia-inspired” historic and touristic rally scheduled on October 14-16 with regularity race covering 1,000 kilometers across the Visayas. The event is open to historic sports cars manufactured not later than Dec. 31, 1972. 

For more details about the Event Rally visit them on facebook TourdeCebu also follow them on instagram @tourdecebu #TourDeCebu2016 #TourDeCebu